I am an award-winning creative professional with over 14 years of experience.

Here are some of my more notable skills:


As a Creative Director, it is my duty to bring life to your ideas from concept to completion.

Experience Design

Turn-over time, aesthetic quality, insights and conversions are only some of the goals I aim to achieve in experience design.



Your brand has a voice, and what it says and how it speaks can be it's most effective attribute or weakest flaw.


I am an award-winning creative professional with over 14 years of experience developing high-end, beautiful, functional and profitable designs across a wide range of industries. This website showcases some of my accomplishments as a creative professional and is meant to offer you some insight as to who I am as an individual. Here you will find some information about my past experiences in the industry, my design philosophyblog, and a portfolio of my most recent projects.

What people are saying about me.

He’s got something you definitely can’t teach; something that only comes natural in an artist. Very strong willed and has what it takes to lead a creative team to success.
— Mike Diaz / LinkedIn
He is an expert at what he does, creative, and able to deliver what his client envisions all in a timely manner. I appreciate what he did for me and love the design to this day.
— Iris Bachman / LinkedIn
Michael is a fantastic asset to the team. His extensive knowledge of the industry and creativity for problem-solving have proven that he is the right man for the job time and time again.
— Renato Lopez / LinkedIn
Michael is an excellent client and manager. I enjoyed working with him and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.
— Alexander Yachmenev / UA Coders

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